About Light Visuals

At Light Visuals, we pride ourselves on distinctive engineering that allows you to benefit from the best of LED technology while affording you unmatched flexibility in design.

LED technology is well known for efficiency and cost savings, but we go a step further. We’ll help you “design with light” to compliment your home, business or landscape. The stunning range of modular fixtures Light Visuals have produced are packed with a host of features to assist the designer, installer, and end user. Our products will give you greater choice in designing schemes for security, safety, aesthetics and economy.

All of this while maintaining environmentally sound practices. 

Light Visuals products are precision machined from high-quality materials including anodised aluminium, solid brass, solid copper, and 316L marine grade stainless steel. To view our products please click here

Our fixtures are all designed in-house, are hand assembled by our dedicated assembly team, and machined in England.


New products

Light Visuals are continually developing new products either as LED’s continue to evolve, or as new challenges appear within lighting designs. Please view our website for new products and updates to our existing range of luminaires.


Key Features:

Interchangeable LED Module. Permits easy change of colour temperature or replacement of the LED at the end of it’s long life.

Interchangeable Reflectors (Optics). For complete design control of beam angles.

LED Open Circuit Protection. Easy identification of a failed LED due to incorrect installation or LED end of life.

Internal Anti-Wicking Barrier. Eliminates moisture ingress due to incorrect cable joints.

Choice of 3 Drive Currents. 350mA,500mA,700mA. For complete design control of light output.

Choice of 2 Colour Temperatures. 2700ºK Warm White, 4000ºK Cool White. Other colours available upon request.

Single Bin LED’s. Ensures complete colour consistency with no variation in colour temperature between products.

Colour Coded Optics. Easy identification of optic beam spread.