Wiska COMBI MAR 1210 Black IP66/67 enclosure

The WISKA COMBI MAR 1210 is a waterproof enclosure rated to IP66/67. The WISKA COMBI MAR 1210 is an ideal solution for housing constant current LED drivers from the Light Visuals range of Lightech or Meanwell power supplies. These universal enclosures are a great choice for exterior garden lighting projects and interior designs alike.

This enclosure comes with pre-threaded entry points for use with WISKA nylon compression glands. The WISKA COMBI MAR 1210 is a robust enclosure and is the prefered choice for many electricians and lighting professionals installing exterior garden lighting equipment, this is due to the rapid installation of the glands. (House only one driver per enclosure to allow for sufficient heat dissipation) 



External dimensions: L 160mm x W 140mm x H 81mm.



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